Restoration Projects

Some of the projects OART have undertaken on the Ouse and Adur catchments
Twineham Project

Twineham Project

OART are working to deliver multiple benefits to the River Adur as it flows through Twineham. This is an on-going collaborative project with the Environment Agency, funded by Rampion Offshore Wind Ltd.

Hempstead Mill Channel Enhancements
OART have been working with the Environment Agency to improve in-channel and bankside habitat along the River Uck at Hempstead.

East Mascalls Fish Pass

East Mascalls Fish Pass

OART have completed the installation of a fish pass at East Mascalls road bridge. This project was originally one of the Middle Ouse Restoration of Physical Habitats (MORPH) projects.

Middle Ouse Restoration of Physical Habitats (MORPH)
A partnership with the Environment Agency which has seen the weir at Buxted Park removed, the installation of a rock ramp at Sharpsbridge and re-meandering the river back to its historical course at Sheffield Park

Adur Restoration of Physical Habitats (ARPHA)
A partnership with the Environment Agency which has seen the removal of four weirs on the River Adur, three at Twineham and one at Shipley.

Bevern Restoration Project
A project which saw OART create two backwater/fish refuge areas on the Bevern Stream.  Find out how we did it and see the results here.

Knepp Castle Channel Enhancements
Working with the Wild Trout Trust and Sussex Wildlife Trust OART have been installing woody features into the newly meandered channel on the River Adur  as it flows through the Knepp Estate.

Gravel  Installation
OART have been installing gravel into both rivers to provide spawning grounds for fish . These areas require maintenance and management to keep them viable.

Barcombe Mills Eels Passage

Barcombe Mills Eel Passage
In 2013 OART received funding from DEFRA to improve the passage of elvers into the catchment. The obstructions at Barcombe Mills were highlighted as one of the priority areas for enhanced passage for eels and chosen as the site for this project.

Eels on the Bevern
Eel passes have been fitted to Redbridge Weir and Clappers Weir on the Bevern Stream with Clappers Weir being used as a monitoring point for elvers in the sub-catchment.

Twineham Tree Planting
Following the success of the ARPHA  project to remove three weirs, OART have been working with the landowner to increase the presence of floodplain woodland.

Teville Stream

Jim the Fish

Jim's Diary

Country ramblings from OART field officer Jim Smith

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